Company Overview

STK Group is a commercial real estate company with over 35 years of experience across all sectors – brokerage, development, finance, and capital investment. STK enjoys relationships throughout the financial and investment communities, and in partnership with several allied companies, STK is poised to deliver a full spectrum of investment and development opportunities to its clients.

Founded in 1996 by Bob Gomez, President of STK Group, the company has enjoyed great success in brokerage, development and the capital markets. In 2011, STK Group began the representation of a private source of capital through STK Capital and has transacted over $200,000,000 in funding transactions. STK Group strives to take on every assignment with the choice of the right partnership structure that will result in maximum returns.

While the focus area for STK Group has been historically the west coast of Florida, STK seeks to grow its partner affiliations and broaden into a global perspective given the team’s experience in China, Taiwan, and soon Spain. STK’s goal is to partner with foreign investors on opportunities in development and investment through a group of affiliated partnerships whose goals are to maximize returns or create attractive yields to their portfolios.